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QR Videos Broadcast Your Business... FREE!

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Strategic QR Scan Points

DVD -Direct Video Delivery-

QR Videos Broadcast Your Business... FREE!

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Smart Device Video Marketing?

QRQure is a Maryland based video production group. We serve clients in Washington DC, Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region. We focus on video marketing concepts and production techniques that maximize the effectiveness of QR code scanning and delivery of high quality video to smart phones and devices.

Our highly visual electronic media orientation is complimented by expert photography and graphic design. Our skill set includes, in-house video production utilizing cutting edge imaging hardware and video editing software. This, as the Internet has harnessed the power of video, and as cell phones and electronic devices are becoming a dominant mode of video dissemination.

We understand that media content is king, and work diligently to insure that client messaging is heard above the fray. We believe adopting a faster means to access video content using QR Codes and smart devices creates a competitive marketing advantage.

Our visual and auditory approach is bolstered by research statistics that indicate humans process information in the following ways:

• Visual Stimuli 60%
• Auditory stimuli 28%
• Fearfulness 7%
• Sense of Smell 2.5%
• Sense of Taste 2.5%

We eagerly apply these findings, and our strengths to craft engaging and informative marketing and communications that compel target audiences to act on our clients’ media messaging. Our talented team insures a cost effective approach to your marketing needs without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Lights. Cameras… Satisfaction!

Smart Device Video

QRQure’s forward thinking Quick Response code placement strategies and cutting edge technology gets client messaging into the ever present electronic device quickly. The video can then be conveniently shared.

Creative Direction

Getting your video messaging where it needs to go requires strong creative direction. May it be an ad, post card or brochure our creative teams incorporate QR codes seamlessly into the design concept.

Video Production

We utilize various forms of image capture. May it be the tradition video camera or film-like DSLR video we strive to create content that positions your company as a major player in the mobile video marketing game.


QRQure uses the latest post-production software and hardware to transform raw video, still images, motion graphics and sound into the most compelling video possible. Our goal is to visually ignite interest in your product or service that rivals the efforts of your largest competitor, without being cost prohibitive.

The magic of green screen technology allows us to produce an infinite number of visual scenarios and themes. Sound effects and music set the tone and mood, when combined with graphic elements, text and voice-over the video becomes a memorable statement of your product, service and brand.

QRQure Unleashes the Power of Quick Response & Smart Device Technology… Blast Your Business into the Future of Marketing!

How QR Code Video Works

Businesses are Adopting QR Video Delivery to Smart Phones

How Clients Use QR Video

A Tee Shirt QR Design Links to Corporate Family Day Video

Here’s Why…

QRQure provides the most innovative quick response video delivery available. Our expert image capture and editing insures memorable messaging of your product or service.

Concept Development
Dynamic Video Delivery -DVD-

By listening to our clients we understand the essence of their business. We convey that to their customers through video in a way that not only defines, but further refines their marketing image. We strive to positively differentiate our clients from their competition. Our goal is to get effective business video into smart devices that is easily shared, and multiplies client messaging at the lowest possible cost. Contact us and let us prove it!

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